Future Of IOL Threatened By Sony Lawsuit

The future of the International Linguistics Olympiad appears to be in, er, jeopardy after Sony Pictures Television filed a copyright infringement claim against the IOL Committee over the unlawful use of the Jeopardy! brand at the most recent competition.

It is alleged that one Dragomir Radev of the USA did not seek the appropriate permissions to produce, quite frankly, a carbon copy of the popular quiz show, a situation which Sony tolerated until recent allegations of corruption in the 2016 edition threatened to bring the brand into disrepute.

“Making the contestants give answers to the questions? What’s the point of that?” – Alex Trebek

A spokesperson for Sony left no comment, but Alex Trebek, Mr Radev’s counterpart in the real version of the show, had the following to say:

“Well it’s just a mockery, isn’t it? If this lingo-version was actually any good maybe we wouldn’t mind, but the format is completely fucking stupid. Making the contestants give answers to the questions? What’s the point of that? And the guy who won it this year, man, he was a couple of sandwiches short of a fucking picnic. Didn’t even know who Bernie fucking Sanders was. Mind you that photo of him was taken from a strange angle…”

When asked what compensation they were seeking in court, Sony replied, “We’ll take things that never should have happened for $500, Alex” – a sum which could easily send the IOL committee into bankruptcy.


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